Al mohamadia Green House Factory

► Lines About the factory

  • Al mohamdia one the biggest Co. in green house field with different sizes & shapes
  • Al mohamdia produce green houses curvy , stand side , multi span and green house for fishes farms
  • The company has a big CV of projects in Egypt like ( army project in sinai , Egypt hightec , suez project ) and many others
  • The company expanded its activities to global business so we export to middle east & ready to export to al foreign countries
  • We have an installation qualified & expert team
  • We have sales experts team to support customers for select what they need

► Advantages of our Green Houses

  • Easy installation & assembling  
  • Avoid all welding problems
  • Avoid rusts around welding area
  • Easy to transport to another area to reassembling
  • Easy for maintenance & renew
  • All the accessories from high galvanized materials under quality control
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